Here is a simple road map developed by accountants to help you:

    • Look different from other firms in a way that attracts modern business owners
    • Separate traditional work from add-value work (and get paid properly)
    • Add new revenue streams including high-value advisory services
    • Clarify direction to maximize your business potential
    • Become the most relevant advisor
    • Delight clients

It’s called The HaydenRock System™

This is the same simple system used to transform a small-town practice into one of the largest accountancy firms in England – where almost 80% of earnings come from advisory services vs. compliance work. And now it’s being adopted by forward-thinking CPA firms across the USA.

The HaydenRock System™ is based on a 3-step formula for success:


Our 20+ years of experience helps you to separate and deliver the proactive, value-added advice required from the ‘forward looking’ 21st Century CPA.


That help you identify client needs easily and add new revenue streams such as high-value advisory services.


Clients need expert help. HaydenRock is your gateway to the right experts at the right time… at no cost to you. Positions you as the client’s most relevant advisor.

A new way to…

1. Make your CPA Business more successful!

HaydenRock provides the systems, tools and business coaching to help your firm to:

Identify client needs easily and systematically

Add value with “limitless expertise”

Implement value-based billing without looking expensive

Access top experts at no cost to you

Pinpoint new opportunities and help make them happen

2. Make your Business Clients more successful!

HaydenRock adds a virtual consultancy to your practice, helping business clients to:

Clarify direction

Capture and retain profits

Drive growth

Meet strategic goals with assistance from “best in class” experts

Enjoy exclusive “family office” services

From a Proven Team

The HaydenRock System™ was designed by accountants and entrepreneurs.

As accountants, we’ve worked for Big Four firms, and built and managed accountancy practices large and small. We appreciate the unique challenges facing CPAs today.

As entrepreneurs, we’ve launched and own multiple companies (one grew to over 400 employees and went public). We can offer insight into how modern business owners think – and what they most want from their advisors.

The HaydenRock System™ took eight years to perfect, and now you can access the same proven strategies and tools to take your CPA practice to the next level.

There’s no guesswork involved. Simply follow the step-by-step formula and watch earnings grow predictably, reliably, repeatedly – as you become your clients’ most relevant advisor.

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Where is the Industry Heading?

Growth Rates from 2010 to 2014:

Auditing & Accounting

6% growth

Tax services

17% growth

Advisory services

91% growth

(Source: AICPA)

10 Reasons why it pays to be the most relevant advisor

1. You stand out from competitors.

2. As clients grow, you grow with them.

3. Elevates your status from number cruncher to business navigator.

4. Would you rather be associated with a tax bill or a cash flow surge?

5. Cost becomes a non-issue.

6. Moves you to the center of the client’s “circle of trust.”

7. Leads to higher-level conversations and more/greater opportunities.

8. Makes you irreplaceable.

9. Generates more referrals.

10. It’s more fun.

What types of CPAs work with us?

Wondering if this might be for you? Our clients are CPAs who:

  • Realize that the industry is changing, and what worked for the last 150 years is no longer effective.
  • Understand that the modern business owner wants more from his/her accountant than historical record keeping.
  • Are looking for a faster path to growth.
  • Like being paid according to the value they bring rather than the hours they spend.
  • Know they’ll sell their firm one day and want to maximize shareholder value.
  • Want to move into advisory-based work but are not sure how to get started.
  • Appreciate plug-and-play simplicity.
  • Value a support team that includes experienced coaches to keep you on track and achieve your targeted goals.
  • Take comfort in the fact that this is a tried-and-tested system proven to work in firms of all sizes.

Converting from a 19th Century Accountant into a 21st Century Advisor requires a change in mindset.

Not all accountants are ready to take this step.

Think you might be one who is ready? Click below and together we can decide if there might be a fit.

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