What We Do


The HaydenRock System™ works best with small to medium sized entrepreneurial business owner clients – helping them to grow their businesses and helping you to create a valuable client for life.

The System helps CPAs take their clients through a 4 Step Process:

  1. Generate Activity – working with Existing & New Clients
  2. Look Different – Introducing Advisory Services to your Best Clients
  3. Clarify Direction – Create a Vision & Establish Leadership Role
  4. Maximize Business Potential – Regular Advisory Meetings – Establish Valuable Client for Life

The HaydenRock System™ is a combination of Coaching + Process + Access to Expertise

Coaching Only

You can “dip your toe in the water” and just try our CPA Coaching Program for one month. Using a combination of online video learning and hands-on coaching tutorials you will be able to experience the power of transformation at first hand – and HOW you can decide if you enjoy adding value and really helping your best clients grow their business value.

Coaching + Process + Access to Expertise

As well as your Relationship Coach – you will be trained and licensed to use the White-Labeled BIZ Diagnostic Platform – built around the “3 Ingredients of Business Success” –allowing access to:

  • On-line Business Diagnostic Surveys – Establish client needs – Benchmark Performance
  • Business Workshop Tools – “at the click of a button”
    • Prompt New Ideas & Discussions
    • Identify & Prioritize Potential Actions
    • Create a One Page Plan & Establish Team Accountability
    • Produce a Business Vision Roadmap Document for your client
  • Create Detailed Plans with your client – Accessing the Planning Zone
  • Drive Accountability for Action and sustain Team Desire – Using our Accountability-Meter Tool
  • Infinitely Scale your CPA Business Capabilities through our Expert Zone Tool and provide Access to Expertise
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