How to Implement

Show Me HOW

The HaydenRock System™ has been based upon real life accounting industry knowledge used to transform a small town practice into one of the largest and most profitable accounting firms in England – where almost 80% of revenues and profits came from “forward-looking” planning and advisory services rather than “backwards-looking” compliance work – and is now being adopted by forward thinking CPA firms across the USA.

We are very confident that pricing will not deter you – using our unique collaborative pricing model which means that “if you don’t win then we don’t win”.

The HOW is the HaydenRock System™ which has been designed by accountants for accountants. It helps CPAs who want to adapt to changing market conditions and make the Transformation to 21st Century Advisors.

The HaydenRock System™ combines:

  • Coaching – “look different ” – helping you step by step – through the necessary behavioral changes
  • Process – a “painting by numbers” approach to provide consistent business advice
  • Access to Expertise – “infinitely scale your CPA business” – without employment cost or risk – Provide your clients with a “family office experience” at a fraction of the normal cost.

Allows CPAs to reposition themselves and become:

  • Most Relevant Advisor to their best clients – central to their needs – and
  • Maximize CPA Business Potential – Grow Revenues – Profits – Business Value

HaydenRock System BIZ Diagnostic

  • “Their exceptional coaching and process means we have what we need to add-value to our clients.”
    Baldwin CPAs
  • “I wish we had done this 10 years ago."
    CPA Client