CPA Coaching Program

Our CPA Coaching Program

Allows you to quickly and easily “dip your toe in the water” before deciding whether you want to totally commit to the HaydenRock System™. Even if you don’t decide to go further, the program provides you with the principles and knowledge and ideas required to build your own in-house advisory process.

This Coaching Program has been based upon real life accounting industry knowledge used to transform a small town practice into one of the largest and most profitable accounting firms in England – where almost 80% of revenues and profits came from “forward-looking” planning and advisory services rather than “backwards-looking” compliance work – and is now being adopted by forward thinking CPA firms across the USA.

Our CPA Coaching Program includes more than 6 hours of online coaching videos and quizzes, combined with online training manual and 2 coaching meetings with your personal Relationship Coach – to help you make the necessary behavioral changes to become a 21st Century Advisor

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  • “In just a few hours, I learned more interesting ideas than I have in all my years as a CPA.”
    Swick & Associates CPAs