Ready to make the Transformation from 20th Century CPA to 21st Century Advisor?

Still Considering Your Options?

We understand that this is a major decision for CPAs and you need to understand more about WHY need to change?

Already Made the Decision?

You know you want to transform your business and provide proactive, added-value, business advisory services to your best clients. But you’re not sure HOW to implement?

  • “Until we partnered with HaydenRock we struggled to offer our clients business advisory services."
    Baldwin CPAs
More about making the Transformation to 21st Century Advisor

CPAs who are serious about changing the way they work with their clients and transforming their CPA business will want to:

  • Build long term capital value – rather than just focusing on income from year to year
  • Create a “solid” business brand – rather than building a brand around individual partners
  • Work with clients who want to pay for high margin added-value services – rather than just commodities
  • Offer more focus on business advisory services – rather than concentrate on compliance services
  • Transition to spending more time with best clients – rather than anybody and everybody
  • Offer interesting career choices – rather than fear losing the best young talent

The great news is that CPAs are in a fantastic and privileged position. They are:

  • Number 1 Trusted Advisor
  • “Gatekeeper” to high net worth business owner clients

However to achieve a successful transformation you will need to make some behavioral changes:

  • You will need to change your CPA mindset
  • Working ON your business rather than IN your business
  • Recognize that you will need to change the perception of your clients (about CPAs)
  • Recognize that you need help to make that transformation
  • You need Coaching and Process to help you stack the odds in your favor – “it’s not rocket science”

At HaydenRock Solutions we have been helping accountants make the transformation for than 20 years. In fact we have a “time machine”. Our purpose is to help CPAs to move from being most trusted advisor to Most Relevant Advisor to their clients – central to their needs – and in so doing they will Maximize CPA Business Potential and create valuable clients for life.