With me this week on the Accounting Success Podcast is Shelley Johnson, the co-founder and owner of Allman Johnson CPAs & Advisors in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Shelley started in public accounting in 1990 after a few years as assistant controller for a real estate/hotel development company. Named one of the Top 50 Cloud Accountants two years in a row, Shelley hails from a long line of “number crunchers,” as both her mother and grandmother had long careers in banking. She is also an avid puzzle solver; thinking through solutions is Shelley’s forte. Therefore, a career in accounting seemed to be her calling.

Check out our conversation here: https://itun.es/us/32T9db.c

Shelley has led the way by helping Allman Johnson continually grow through the cloud. During our conversation we talked about:

  • How to be involved with clients in ‘real time, all the time’
  • What the name of your firm says about you
  • Being a quarterback and ‘vetting agent’ for clients
  • Creating useful information out of accounting numbers
  • The crucial role of a “Client Experience Manager”
  • The best method to take the burden of accounting off business owners
  • 5 technology tools that can differentiate your firm
  • The psychology behind pricing strategies

Shelley is a member of the AICPA, the Indiana CPA Society, and the past chapter president of the Indiana State Board of Accountancy, as well as the American Society of Women Accountants. She also wrote a book on Obamacare, certainly a hot topic these days.

Allman Johnson serves entrepreneurs in all facets of their business and personal financial activities. The firm specializes in the Technology, Construction, Real-Estate, and Professional Service-Based Industries.

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