With us this week on The Accounting Success podcast is Mark Zinman, the owner, CEO and managing partner of Ziman & Company, outside of Philadelphia. Mark is an AICPA Continuing Education Instructor, an NBC Tax Panel leader, and the Online Tax Expert for Philly.com. He’s also a Certified Information Technology Professional, whose passion is leveraging technology to improve business.

Check out our conversation here: https://itun.es/us/32T9db.c

Mark uses his expertise to keep Zinman & Company on the forefront of technology while leading team members in business management, consulting and tax planning for clients. Marks’s unique team approach to helping clients is another demonstration of how Zinman & Company is “thinking beyond the numbers.”

The firm focuses on small and mid-sized businesses, Internet & technology, and construction, among other niches.

Here are some of the topics Mark and I discussed:

  • What is “Virtual Controllership”?
  • The best way to provide a “no-surprise” approach to billing
  • Crusading against “that’s the way we’ve always done it”
  • How to make numbers tell a story
  • His proudest and most rewarding moment in 30+ years as an accountant
  • Why proximity is no longer a consideration for Cloud CPAs
  • Why advisory services are the firm’s #1 focus

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