As you know, we’re big fans of revolutionaries and disrupters here on The Accounting Success Podcast. In the past, we’ve had inDinero , who’s disrupting accounting and bookkeeping services. We’ve had Ron Baker disrupting the billable hour. We’ve had Jim Bourke agitating CPAs living in the past. And this week, we’re continuing our disruptive tradition with Jeff Phillips of

Jeff is the co-founder and CEO of Accountingfly, which is revolutionizing the way accountants are hired.
Check out our conversation here:

Accountingfly is the career center for the accounting profession. Job seekers can easily apply to jobs. Employers can use Accountingfly to post jobs and recruit accountants at every step in their career. CPA firms also use Accountingfly’s smart software to organize and automate the recruiting process, make faster hiring decisions, and build pools of talent from which they can recruit in the future. Here are some of the topics I covered with Jeff:

  • What he learned from working at, and why that model doesn’t work for accounting firms
  • The end of “post and pray” hiring strategies
  • How CPA firms typically burn money on recruitment (and what to do that’s smarter)
  • How to build a deep bench of potential future hires
  • What AccountingFly is doing to address the talent acquisition challenge
  • Why job boards and traditional recruitment agencies are broken recruiting models
  • Secrets behind the innovative “inbound recruiting” approach
  • What millennials are looking for from a progressive firm
  • When is the best time to hire
  • How to avoid “crisis recruiting”
  • Effects of the talent crunch on CPA salaries
  • Myths millennial CPAs believe – and how addressing them can dramatically improve your hiring success

Jeff is also the publisher of GoingConcern, a news website for millennial CPAs that attracts over 185,000 readers a month. For his efforts, Accounting Today has named Jeff to its 100 Most Influential People list for three years running.

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