My guest this week is Henry Rinder, partner at Smolin Lupin in Fairfield, NJ. Henry has been with Smolin since 1980, when he started as an intern.

Henry served on the Technical Issues Committee of the AICPA and is the past President of the New Jersey Society of CPAs. At Smolin Lupin, he serves on the Executive Committee.

Check out our conversation here:

Henry had lots of wisdom to share, including:

  • 2 reasons why Smolin has embraced the merger-and-acquisition path to growth
  • The math behind M&A’s economies of scale
  • The role of brokerage services in finding potential merger candidates
  • Why the days of 2x billings buyouts are over, and what the market range is today
  • Three perks of running a CPA firm like a talent agency
  • How to smoothly transition after a merger
  • Ways to reduce overhead after an acquisition
  • Smolin Lupin’s plans to become a Top 100 firm

Smolin Lupin has been helping clients for 70 years and is one of the NJ BIZ Top 20 Public Accounting Firms in New Jersey.

Henry services clients in the construction, distribution, manufacturing, and legal services industries, providing clients with audit, forensic accounting, fraud investigation, litigation, business valuation, matrimonial accounting, and consulting support.

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