This week on the Accounting Success Podcast we’re venturing to the land Down Under with guest Chris Hooper, Accounting Futurist and CEO of Accodex, located in Adelaide in South Australia. Accodex is a hi-tech accounting firm providing compliance, administration and advisory services to startups and tech enabled businesses. The firm specializes in Cloud Technology and helping clients become more technologically literate. It’s an interesting model because Accodex has both business owners and accountants as clients.

The firm was named Australia’s Most Innovative Accounting Firm in 2015 – beating out PwC and KPMG in the process – and has achieved Platinum Partner status with Xero, the cloud-based accounting software.

Chris joined me from a pub, so at times it got noisy; but it’s worth putting up with a little noise to hear Chris’ insights. Check out our conversation here:

In our short time together, we covered:

  • Ways in which Australian accountants are ahead of their American counterparts
  • The unusual arrangement that allows him to have both business owners and accountants as clients
  • How Accodex invented a new business model called a “Market Network” and how it’s changing the accounting profession
  • The 4 mega trends that make up the “Accountapocalypse”
  • What Millennial accountants have against accounting
  • Secrets to starting a successful firm from scratch
  • How to benefit from the globalization of the profession

Chris is an evangelist for the accounting profession and writes and speaks extensively about accounting industry trends. He’s a TEDx speaker and presenter at XeroCon on the future of the accounting profession. Chris has made it his mission to change the accounting game forever.

To read Chris’s acclaimed article, “I Am a Millennial Accountant, and I Hate Accounting” visit

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