This week, we travel to America’s heartland – to Great Bend, Kansas, hard by the Arkansas River. Visiting with us on the Accounting Success Podcast is Brian Staats, the Managing Partner of Adams, Brown, Beran & Ball, also known as ABBB.

Founded in 1945, ABBB has 150 employees, 14 partners and 14 office locations throughout the state of Kansas. Brian was born and raised in Garden City, Kansas, and joined the firm in 1988, right out of university. As managing partner, he oversees all aspects of firm management while also servicing clients. His areas of focus are in the agricultural industry, small business taxes, and estate planning.

Check out our conversation here:

Brian and I discussed his 30-year journey with ABBB and:

  • Why more and more businesses are moving to Cloud accounting – and what it means to the modern CPA firm
  • What elder care has to do with a successful CPA firm in 2017
  • Ways to attract clients away from Big 4 accounting firms
  • Where the growth in outsourced CFO services is coming from
  • How to replace diminishing compliance work with more interesting and more profitable services
  • Reasons why he’s focusing on higher value-add services rather than traditional services

ABBB firm specialties include Agriculture, Construction, Manufacturing, and Oil & Gas, among others.

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