Visiting with us this week on the Accounting Success Podcast was Andrew Argue, one of the most creative and right brain CPAs you’re going to meet, and an up-and-coming voice in the accounting profession.

Andrew began his accounting career at PwC, started racing up the corporate ladder, making senior partner at a young age, then made a complete 180-degree pivot and career change when he found his true calling. Today he’s the founder of and runs a successful training program teaching CPAs, bookkeepers and Enrolled Agents how to develop and strengthen their sales and marketing skills so they can start to have a successful and growing practice.

Check out our conversation here:

In the last 6 months alone, Andrew has helped 112 accounting firms in 5 different countries learn the fundamentals of sales, while also understanding how it relates to today’s modern economy with social media and the digital world. Many of his clients see rapid improvement in new client fees and are able to confidently shed clients that are a drag on the firm.

And here’s the juiciest part: Andrew’s approach goes against much of the conventional wisdom from bloggers and tweeters and shiny object promoters out there.

Here are some of the highlights of our conversation:

  • How to make sales and marketing less intimidating
  • How to establish value for the services you offer
  • Why he says, “The better your website, the less likely you are to be successful.”
  • How to create an effective marketing plan just by asking simple questions
  • The reason why some bookkeepers make more money than many CPAs
  • Beware your CPA license – it could be costing you business
  • The theory behind, “If you want better clients you need to be a better client”
  • How one client tripled growth in less than 18 months

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