I had a special guest this week — Lindsay Patterson, Senior Manager – Communications and Public Relations at the AICPA.

A few weeks ago, Jena Wilson, who works in our HaydenRock office, showed me a story in AICPA Insights that was written by Lindsay – telling about a surprising and serendipitous encounter she had with Mark Cuban, the billionaire businessman, investor, basketball team owner, etc.

Everyone in the office loved the story, and Jena suggested, why don’t we ask Lindsay on the podcast, and she can tell the story? So we did and she said yes.

Check out our conversation here: https://itun.es/us/32T9db.c

We dove right in to why Lindsay is so passionate about defending the CPA profession and also:

  • The reason why Mark Cuban wouldn’t want to be a CPA right now
  • Why Mark Cuban thinks the accounting profession is dying
  • The effects of Bitcoin and other new technologies
  • How the CPA exam has evolved to reflect today’s changing landscape
  • Practicing what she preaches—why Lindsay is motivated to get her Master’s in Accounting amidst the changes taking place in the industry

To view Lindsay’s blog, “That Time I told Mark Cuban He Was Wrong About the CPA Profession,” visit

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