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HaydenRock partner lan Welham is the host of a weekly podcast airing on iTunes called The Accounting Success podcast.

On the show, lan brings together successful accountants and industry thought leaders to share with you how they serve business owners-and how you can, too.Past guests include Tom Hood, Ron Baker, Daniel Burrus and “Marketer of the Year” Eric Majchrzak.

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Most recent episodes
Growing a Firm Accidently on Purpose

Vincent Leo is one of the driving forces behind the growth of Insero & Company. By asking the right questions, he saw opportunity where other CPA firms didn’t. Learn:

  • The role Employee Benefit Plans played in Insero developing a national reputation
  • Reasons why Insero uses full-time employees rather than temps for outsourced project management work
  • How to get millennials to want to become partner
  • Secrets to low firm turnover and high client satisfaction ratings
Dragon Slayer, Rock Climber, Business Owner, CPA

Cerini & Associates founder and managing partner Ken Cerini started his practice in a garage. Today he has a thriving practice and a staff of nearly 50. He shares:

  • What value-added accounting is and how it makes him different from other accounting firms
  • The secret that allows him to see solutions where others see problems
  • How to solve common crisis management mistakes for business owner clients
  • The theory behind “Fallure vs Failure”
Happy Tax Fills a Hole in the Tax Preparation Industry

Mario Costanz, founder and CEO of Happy Tax, is using technology and innovation to build a better mousetrap in the tax prep space. Listen in as he reveals:

  • The biggest mistake made by H&R Block and other traditional tax prep retail establishments
  • The “ah ha” discovery allowing Happy Tax to grow faster than over 3,000 other franchisors in the U.S.
  • Why 90%+ of accountants don’t make good owners of tax businesses
  • When “street smarts” trumps a diploma
“In Their Financial Underwear Drawer”

Jody Padar and her New Vision CPA Group works with clients in a modern way. She tells how she transformed from a traditional firm to a digital firm and explains:

  • A day in the life of a speaker/author/coach/consultant/educator/business owner/leader/accountant/entrepreneur/mother
  • The most common mistakes CPAs make about technology
  • How we’ll soon be using voice technology to access and manipulate data
  • Plus: a sneak peek into her new book
What the Future of Accounting Looks Like From Australia

Chris Hooper is CEO of Accodex, voted the most innovative accounting firm in Australia. He’s also an “accounting futurist,” and discusses:

  • The cultural shifts taking place in the industry
  • What Millennial accountants have against being named partner
  • How a small unknown firm beat out PwC and KPMG to be named Australia’s Most Innovative Accounting Firm
  • How to get a speech on the subject of accounting on the TEDx stage
Cheers to the CPA of Craft Breweries!

Josh Lance has a virtual CPA firm based in Chicago. One of his specialty niches is craft breweries. Pour yourself a cold one and learn:

  • Ways to use compliance information to drive bigger strategic decisions
  • The benefits of building a ‘brand’ for your firm
  • How to run a thriving practice without time sheets
  • How working remotely makes it easier – not harder – to work with clients
Author of “Accountaneur: The Entrepreneurial Accountant”

Hitendra Patil has written a timely book. He shares trenchant insights into today’s emerging opportunities for accounting and tax professionals. Discover:

  • The critical difference between accountants and “Accountaneurs”
  • What it takes to succeed in today’s dynamic competitive environment
  • Common traits of entrepreneurial accountants
  • How CPAs can leverage human behavioral insights into a competitive advantage
Growing an Accounting Firm in ‘Gig City’

Chattanooga is becoming the Silicon Valley of the east, with new companies moving in and start-ups blooming. Market Street Partners is taking full advantage. Learn:

  • Why Market Street Partners is not your grandfather’s accounting firm
  • How helping clients in a start-up phase can make them a client for life
  • The positive role Market Street Partners plays in the community
  • Issues to overcome when you’re on the growth fast-track
How to Look Different by Using Technology

Tom Angelo, Managing Partner of Spire Group in Clark, NJ, stands out among CPAs for his love of technology. Tom talks about his passion for technology, plus:

  • Why he hires engineers alongside accountants
  • How to make clients “sticky”
  • The problem with “stale data” and how it costs business owners profits
  • Why he spends so much time creating a positive work environment
Using Numbers to Find and Solve Problems

Edward Bortnick, Managing Partner of SKMB & Associates in Rockville, MD, shares how he helps clients eliminate waste and maximize profits. As well as:

  • How he sees change, not as threat, but as opportunity
  • The common mistake business owners make that can cause a company to bleed to death
  • His 5-year vision for SKMB
  • How he got a client $2.7 million estate tax refund
Growing a Firm Through Mergers and Acquisitions

Here’s John Bly, CEO and entrepreneurial leader of LBA Haynes Strand in Charlotte, NC. John is growing his firm through mergers and acquisitions, and tells us:

  • Secrets to mastering mergers and acquisitions
  • Why he’s never afraid to bet on himself
  • Why it’s easier to run a larger firm than a small firm
  • The costly mistake business owners make when negotiating a deal – and how to avoid it
Visionary Thinking from the Heartland

From rural towns in Kansas comes some of the most dynamic, forward thinking in the accounting field. Meet ABBB managing partner Brian Staats and hear:

  • How a strong farmland work ethic drives their firm success
  • Why one client was happy to pay four times more for his accounting work
  • Why he’s looking for non-accountants to add to his team
  • Why it’s an exciting time to be an accountant
Exploring Sales and Marketing Tactics for Accountants

Andrew Argue is a CPA helping accountants develop and strengthen their sales and marketing skills so they can have a successful and growing practice. He reveals:

  • His unusual path from Big 4 partner to practice developer
  • The mindset quirk that holds many CPAs back
  • Why the CPAs who are the most successful are the ones who have the most courage
  • Why accountants tend to be “marketing-phobic,” and how to leap ahead of most of your peers
Embracing Change in Philadelphia

As founder, CEO and managing partner of Zinman & Company, Mark Zinman strives to be “the hub of the wheel” for his clients. He starts with embracing change, plus:

  • The role of CPA as psychologist
  • The kind of clients he looks for (surprise – it has nothing to do with size or industry)
  • Why the firm is moving away from billable hours
  • What’s keeping Mark up at night… his answer may surprise you
Lindsay Patterson of the AICPA

Lindsay ran into Mark Cuban in the lobby of the AICPA building in Washington, DC, and was able to talk to him about the future of the accounting profession, including:

  • What CPAs will be able to do in the future that they’ve never done before
  • Ways the AICPA is incorporating technology into auditing and accounting services
  • What the AICPA is rolling out right now to help firms with cyber security risk
  • How all sized firms can utilize the AICPA’s Firm inMotion e-Toolkit
Solving the Puzzle of Advisory Services

Shelley Johnson has been named one of the Top 50 Cloud Accountants two years running. Learn how she’s using technology to create a better client experience, plus:

  • How client expectations are changing
  • Expanding a client base beyond your local office
  • How being involved in a collaborative workspace brings in clients
  • Getting clients to look beyond the balance in the checking account
Providing Integrity to Financial Information

Henry Rinder began his accounting career at Smolin Lupin in 1980. Today he’s an equity partner in the firm. He shares his insights, experience, & predictions, plus:

  • How to grow business in a flat economy
  • Ways to give clients more than they expect
  • Overcoming CPA’s natural inclination to resist change
  • Henry’s gentlemanly approach to winning new work
Finding New CPA Talent: The Perfect Storm

As CEO/co-founder of and the publisher of GoingConcern, Jeff Phillips is changing the way accountants are hired. He reveals how, plus:

  • Which job postings are the most popular (borrow this formula)
  • The secret to getting 8 times higher response to your job offers
  • Why recruiting doesn’t start on the day your tax preparer decides to quit
  • How to make your firm as enticing as a Silicon Valley start-up when attracting applicants
Practicing “Extreme Client Service”

Paul Costantino helped grow a successful CPA firm in Massachusetts. Now he’s doing the same thing in the Sunshine State. He reveals his success formula, plus:

  • How to position your firm to the business community
  • Creating an accounting solution for “virtual” companies
  • The increasing role of fixed pricing
  • What “SALT” teams can bring to the table for business owners
“A CFO to All Our Clients”

Josh Shilts and partner Walter Villela were 33 years old when they started their accounting firm two years ago. He shares their story, plus:

  • Why they opted to start a firm from scratch, rather than climbing the traditional CPA firm ladder
  • How to attract clients, not just locally, but across the country and even internationally
  • Why they consider themselves a CFO to all their clients
  • How to deal with information overload
The Next Generation Accountant

Garrett Wagner is an expert on the millennial generation. He shares his thoughts on the Next Generation Accountant, and offers insights on:

  • Why he’s a consultant first, and a CPA second
  • How to find, implement, and leverage new business apps to grow a business
  • How smaller firms can compete – and win – against much larger firms
  • What millennials really want vs. what baby boomers believe millennials want
Fast Growth in Silicon Valley

In the land where entrepreneurs and start-ups grow wild, Frank Balestreri explains how to stay relevant and ride the wave, including:

  • Effects of rapid growth
  • How to manage advisory clients
  • The most common mistakes new companies make that derail them
  • The biggest challenge when you’re in fast-growth mode
Craig Smalley on Thinking Big

Craig Smalley followed an unusual path into accounting. Today he has offices in 3 states and is growing rapidly. He tells how, plus:

  • Secrets for building a thriving practice
  • How to bring real value to clients
  • Ways he leverages lessons learned in tax resolution court for business owner clients
  • How to stay on the cutting edge while working in a conservative industry
Bill Sheridan on the accelerating pace of change

Bill Sheridan, Chief Communications Officer of the Maryland Association of CPAs, explains:

  • The cost of NOT learning new skills
  • The reason why your car’s windshield is much bigger than the rearview mirror
  • The thrill of being an “endless newbie”
  • What to do when there’s a 98% probability that tax return prep will be completely automated within the next 20 years (probably sooner)
Talking Technology with Jim Bourke

Jim Bourke, Partner in charge of internal technology at WithumSmith + Brown, weighs in on:

  • How to employ technology as a strategic asset
  • The biggest source of firm growth at Withum
  • How to communicate your value proposition
  • How the mindset of young entrepreneurs has changed – and how this affects the services they’re looking for
Time Management Secrets

Craig Ballantyne, Editor of Early to Rise and author of The Perfect Day Formula shows how to unlock our untapped potential and regain control of your life:

  • How carving out 15 minutes each morning can change your life
  • How to put an end to our addiction to emails
  • Comparison Syndrome- how it’s affecting you and how to overcome it
  • Why Structure = Freedom
Riches in Niches

Michael Rozbruch made the leap from CFO to CTRS (Certified Tax Resolution Specialist) – and never looked back. Learn:

  • The value of a system
  • How to create a practice that fits you
  • Why a disruption in your firm may just be what you need
  • Ways to grow your firm even in trying, hard times
On Becoming a Proactive Advisory Firm

Tom Filomeno says the completion of the financial statement is not the end of the job – it’s the beginning. Plus:

  • Finding ways to help clients that create WOW moments
  • What he learned from working alongside his father for 30 years
  • The importance of knowing what business you’re in (hint: it’s not about the numbers or the deliverables)
  • How to give back to the community while celebrating a 50 year anniversary
Chris Billman Doesn’t Want to be an Accountant

Not a traditional one, anyway. That’s why he chose Lougen, Valenti, Bookbinder & Weintraub. And believes:

  • Business-owner clients deserve personal involvement of firm partners
  • It’s an accountant’s responsibility to be proactive
  • The best CPAs can identify business problems before they become problems
  • The one piece of advice he’d give himself if he could go back in time 20 years
What all CPAs will be like some day

Andrew Berg of Berg Advisors is enthusiastically moving forward, and reveals:

  • How the next 10 years are going to be ‘opportunity time’ for accountants
  • Ways to evolve from being an order taker to a trusted advisor
  • Why many CPAs are hesitant to offer advisory services – and an easy way to overcome that reluctance
  • Educating Millennials that there’s a new world of accounting just emerging
A New CPA Practice Philosophy from Maria Rollins

Maria Rollins of Kreinces, Rollins & Shanker shares her thoughts on:

  • The evolution of “real time accounting”
  • Where the accounting industry stands today and tomorrow
  • Accountants as psychologists
  • What you can learn from millennials if you give them a seat at the table
Lessons from a CPA Marketing Maven

Eric Majchrzak of BeachFleischman PC in Tucson riffs about:

  • Why “what” you do is not as important as “why” you do it
  • The most important skill business owners look for from their CPA (good news: you’re already doing it, you just may not know it)
  • The “real” purpose of social media in accounting marketing
  • Surprise: the #1 source of new leads is not what you’d expect
Getting “Future Ready” with Tom Hood

The President & CEO of the Maryland Association of CPA’s talks about:

  • How to escape “the gravitational pull of the past” that holds many CPAs back
  • The widening gap between CPAs who focus on adding value vs. CPAs who focus on compliance and auditing services
  • Why if you automate you must elevate the skill sets of your employees
  • How to become a “trend hunter”
Steven Bankler is not your typical CPA

He has a certain type of client he likes, and turns down the rest. Plus:

  • What Groucho Marx can teach accountants about attracting good clients
  • Why many CPAs don’t dig deep enough and how it costs their clients money
  • Do you schedule “time outs” on your calendar solely for reading and thinking? Here’s why you should
  • Why he says the best thing that ever happened to him was that he never worked for a CPA firm
The Accounting Success Podcast Goes to Washington

With Peter Reilly of Councilor, Buchanan & Mitchell

  • Awarded the Greater Washington Society of CPA’s “Outstanding Member in Public Practice” Award
  • A Washington, DC accounting institution for 95 years
  • A history of breaking new ground
  • The niche approach to CPA firm growth
Daniel Burrus predicts the future of the accounting industry

Hang on to your hat. Global futurist Daniel Burrus shares eye-opening predictions:

  • Why change is accelerating at an ever-increasing rate – from linear to exponential – and how that’s impacting CPAs day-to-day
  • The 300 known cycles that predict the future
  • Why disruption is not a one-time event – and comes in waves
  • How to “predict and prevent” vs. “react and respond”
Jody Grunden asks: Why be a CPA when you can be a CFO?

Is this the firm of the future? The visionary leader of Summit CPA Group reveals:

  • What is a virtual CFO?
  • How it’s possible to meet, retain and service clients from your computer screen
  • Finding a niche that fits your strengths
  • How to get paid in advance for your work
The Long view with Alan Long of Baldwin CPAs

“Managing Partner Elite” awardee Alan Long discusses change, including:

  • Why the accounting industry a NOT numbers business
  • The role of advisory services in a modern CPA firm
  • Why accountants struggle with change
  • A surprising benefit of being on the peer review board for the AICPA
Accounting tales from “the other side” with Murray Beaulieu

Murray Beaulieu is a cost accounting expert with Analog Devices, and shares:

  • What it’s like to be an accountant for a large multinational corporation
  • Why Analog Devices measures costs to the 4th decimal place
  • The science of calculating overhead when pricing parts
  • How technology is changing the design of parts and associated costs
Ron Baker on throwing away your time sheets

The legendary author, speaker, and value-based billing maven discusses:

  • Why the billable hour is a bad idea both for client and CPA
  • Two things that give a CPA firm a competitive advantage
  • How technology is changing the profitability of accounting firms
  • The disruptive potential of Blockchain technology and how that impacts accountants
Bruce Buchanan on lessons learned over 43 years

The managing principal of Berlin Ramos talks about:

  • Lessons learned over 43 years
  • With so many CPA firms in and around Washington, DC, how do you develop a niche?
  • What’s a Toastmasters Group doing inside an accounting practice?
  • How to win Accounting Now’s “Best Accounting Firms to Work For” 8 straight years
Is Tom Alongi more CPA or entrepreneur?

The leader of UHY’s national manufacturing practice answers these questions:

  • How can a CPA who’s only worked at one firm his entire career be considered entrepreneurial?
  • Why is it no longer acceptable to just be an exceptional auditor?
  • What’s the best way to engage millennials so they can perform their best?
  • Why is being the biggest CPA firm a limiting goal?
Alex Boyd and inDinero distrupts the accounting industry

The Director of Growth at inDeniro reveals:

  • How inDeniro is changing the game when it comes to servicing business owners
  • What modern business owners really want from their CPA firm
  • The secrets of going above and beyond for clients-without donating your time.
  • Why technology is essential to “waking up” today’s traditional CPAs but why technology alone is not enough
Jeff Sklar talks about profitable niches, finding talent, and a CPA’s biggest fear

Jeff Sklar of Sklar Heyman provides insights on:

  • How business owner clients’ wants and needs have changed over time
  • How his firm has handled the transformation from auditing and accounting services to advisory and consulting services and why he feels many CPAs have not made the transformation
  • Where the future of the accounting industry is heading
  • The one thing that scares CPAs more than anything-and how it causes us to miss many opportunities