About Us

“It marks a big step in a man’s development when he comes to realize that other men can be called in to help him do a better job than he can do alone.”

– Andrew Carnegies

Our purpose

To help CPAs to Maximize Business Potential and reposition themselves as a 21st Century Advisor – in fact, the Most Relevant Advisor to their clients.

The Old Way

  • Accountant
  • Number cruncher
  • Lone wolf
  • Past focused
  • Commodity services
  • Get paid by the hour
  • Boring, repetitive tasks
  • Do more, make less

The New Way

  • Advisor
  • Profit booster
  • Collaborator
  • Future focused
  • High value advisory services
  • Get paid for value delivered
  • Interesting, high-profit work
  • Do less, make more

Our founders

Paul Latham

Paul is a serial entrepreneur who qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Latham Crossley and Davis (which eventually became Lathams Chartered Accountants), becoming a Partner in 1986 and Head of Business Services in 1993.

Whilst at Lathams, Paul started to develop the business planning process which is today at the core of The HaydenRock System™. Those processes were developed with the aim of helping business owners to clarify their direction and maximize their business potential.  When Lathams was sold to Tenon Group Plc in 2001, Paul became National Head of Business Planning at Tenon.

He left Tenon to become Finance Director at Debt Free Direct Group Plc where he was a Founding Director. DFD (Fairpoint Group Plc) rapidly grew to become the market leader in debt advice in the UK. Paul emigrated to the USA in 2011 and has developed several business interests, including being a Founding Member of HaydenRock Solutions.

Ian Welham

After qualifying as a Chartered Accountant with Ernst & Young, Ian Welham moved out of public practice and became CFO of a Barcelona-based publicly traded company.

He also held CEO and COO positions in Hong Kong, The Netherlands, Belgium and the US.
His team at HaydenRock works hands-on with CPA firms to maximize their profit potential – adding value, introducing new revenue streams and helping CPAs move into high-value advisory services.

He’s been a regular guest on TV, radio and in the press, including the New York Times, the Newark Star-Ledger, The Daily Beast, Forbes.com and Home News Tribune. Ian is the host of The Accounting Success podcast, which is a nationally broadcast Internet radio show on iTunes.

Ian and his wife Linda have been married for 29 years and have twin daughters. He is a devoted Manchester United “football” fan, and an avid golfer.

Bryan Eberle

Some people are threatened by change. Bryan embraces change as “opportunity in disguise.” And that’s exactly how he sees the state of the accounting industry today: full of opportunity for CPAs with the right mindset.

Bryan’s passion is to work with CPAs to help them be more relevant and valuable to their business owner clients – and grow profits and shareholder value in the process. “Sadly, I’ve witnessed too many CPAs stepping over dollars to pick up nickels,” he says.

Using his wealth of experience and knowledge, Bryan will show you how to deliver the kind of proactive, value-added advice that modern business owners and entrepreneurs are looking for.

He resides in Toms River, NJ with his wife Tiffany and two children.

Paul Partridge

Paul Partridge is an entrepreneur and marketing executive who’s worked with dozens of Fortune 500 clients from Madison Avenue to Silicon Valley.

After graduating from Notre Dame, he worked with companies in 57 different industries, helping clients grow faster, increase revenues, and leapfrog the competition.
His specialty is showing CPAs how to look, sound and act differently than traditional CPA firms in a way that attracts modern business owners and inspires your organization.

Paul and his wife, Lynne, have been married for 29 years and have two daughters. He has been active in youth sports and has coached soccer, hockey and lacrosse.
He enjoys music, photography, travel and wine, not necessarily in that order.

Christopher Pitts

Chris graduated from Widener University with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting.

Upon graduation he was recruited by MetLife, on the financial side. Chris is a successful entrepreneur who has founded several successful businesses.

At HaydenRock his focus is on technology: how to help CPAs use systems and processes to do more in less time, increase productivity, and maximize profits.

Chris resides in West Deptford, New Jersey with his wife Kasey and beloved Newfoundland Ozzy.

He is an avid an accomplished golfer who you want as your partner in a four-ball match.

Our core values

We are the CPA’s most relevant advisor

Our role is to help you add value and make you look good in the eyes of your clients while always protecting your client relationships.

We work to educate others

We share proven HaydenRock systems™ and processes to help you grow your knowledge base. Wherever possible, we teach “how to fish” rather than just “catch a fish.”

We do not push products

Our methodology is designed to uncover what clients need and want, not to sell them “the service of the month.”

We embrace technology

We work as simply as possible, yet leverage technology to increase productivity and capacity.

We believe in transparency and win-win-win-win

The reason The HaydenRock System™ is successful is because it ties your success to the success of your clients, and our success to yours. You win. We win. Clients win. The specialty experts win.